Want a Custom Painting?


Want an original Wasterval of a place and size of your choosing? Here's how the commission process works, what to expect and extra costs like shipping.




To get a sense of prices for different sizes take a look at the available artwork on the website. Add an additional $500 because commissions are special. Account for shipping: the cost of fragile shipping and insurance depends on size of location and can range from $90-$200+. For a shipping quote, email info@stevewasterval.com 


Scattered Photos.png

Once you are good on size and price, email Steve photos of your chosen subject and let him get all inspired and stuff. We'll bill for half upfront and then schedule a call so you can give Steve an additional inspiration or story behind the piece. Then he'll get to work.



When the piece is complete, we will email you for final payment and pack and ship the piece to you. For larger pieces you may opt to have us ship it unframed, rolled up, and you can have a framer stretch it. Regardless of how it arrives be prepared to fall in love with your original piece painted lovingly just for you, and feel free to tell a friend. 


Past Commissions

This was a painting for Sam and Dana of Portland, Oregon and Mad Hippie skin care products kingpins. They sent found images from a google search of bridges in the city that they liked. They also wanted the piece to include their company logo, which got included as an ad on a billboard on the waterfront. Steve also included their daughter's name on the bridge for posterity.



Interested in discussing a commission or to get a quote email: