Want a Custom Painting?


Want to commission an original Wasterval of a place and size of your choosing? Here's how the commission process works, what to expect and costs, including shipping.




To get a sense of prices for different sizes take a look at the available artwork on the website. Add an additional $500 for the extra time, effort and care a custom piece takes. The cost of fragile shipping and insurance for anywhere in the US ranges from $90-$200+ depending on the size and shipping location.

Or you can grab a small flat-rate commission by clicking here.



Once you are good on size and price, the real fun begins. After paying half upfront, we schedule a call so you can talk to Steve and discuss any additional inspiration or story behind the piece. If you have photos of your chosen subject you can email them to Steve, and if you don't have your own photos, not to worry, Steve will find his own to be inspired by and start working his magic on the canvas.



When the piece is complete, we will email you for final payment and pack and ship the piece to you. For larger pieces you may opt to have it shipped to you un-stretched, just the canvas rolled up, and then you can have it stretched at a framer. Regardless of how your painting arrives, be prepared to fall in love with your original piece, created with love just for you.


Latest Commission: Minetta's Tavern

The latest commission was for a New Yorker who recently bought a house in Weehawken, New Jersey and was looking to decorate their new home with some meaningful artwork with a personal connection. Having made one of their first big deals for work at Minetta's Tavern on MacDougal Street in Greenwich village, the bar became a favorite of theirs, not to mention that it has been an iconic New York spot for over 50 years. Loaded with personal meaning and classic New York city vibes, the piece adds even more meaning to the Tavern and their new home.


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