Want a Custom Painting?


Flat-rate 4"x6" block, or 12"x12" and 12"x18" canvases are available as small commissions projects


The process for small commissions is unique, see below.
For larger sizes visit the Commissions Page



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Pick a Size

Small commissions come in two sizes: 12x12" as pictured above, and 12x18" detailed below.

4" by 6" Block - $300**
12" by 12" - $650*
12" by 18" - $750*

*Prices include shipping

**Blocks are made from a photo you choose and email instead of step #2



Let's Talk

Once you pick a size we all get on the phone to discuss your painting topic. That bar near your apartment when you first moved to the city? The restaurant at which you asked your wife to marry you? Your favorite corner? Send us a photo or two, or if it's close enough we will go photograph it for you.

Once the piece has been paid for and the topic chosen, Steve gets to work.

Ready to get started?



Receive & Hang

Once your piece is complete, we will pack & ship it to you and send you a tracking number so you know exactly when it will arrive. Hang it immediately, or wrap it up for that special occasion or someone. Either way, be prepared to fall in love with your original piece, created just for you.


Redd's Tavern, 12x18"  mixed media on canvas, 2017

Redd's Tavern, 12x18"
 mixed media on canvas, 2017

Most Recent 12x18" Commission:

"Redd's Bar" Brooklyn, NY

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.33.56 PM.png

Local Brooklynite and Redd's bar regular @briansimon commissioned this 12x18" to memorialize his favorite watering hole forever as a piece of art.

Steve visited the bar to take photos and check it out and the buyer emailed a photo or two of his own. Then Steve picks his favorite photo, or combination, and captures the location with his impressionistic style.


Most recent LARGE Commission:
"Minetta Tavern"

Interested in a commission?

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